Please review the following terms and conditions:

Sightseeing Reservations Cancellation Policy

  • No show fee (100%) & All cancellations within 72 hours are 100% non-refundable. Cancellation policy made outside of 72 hours is subject to 15% admin fee.

Mobility Impaired Policy

  • Due to a limited number of wheelchair lift equipped coaches we require reservations AT LEAST 48 hours in advance of the trip to guarantee accessible service.
  • Passengers who use mobility aids but are able to board the coach with some assistance and need to store their mobility aid under the coach, we ask that you phone us at least 24 hours before your departure to request assistance, and that you be at the depot no less than 30 minutes prior to departure for boarding. For more detailed information on these services, please call 778 919-1515

Sight-Impaired Policy

  • Services for our vision-impaired passengers must meet the following criteria: Sight-impaired persons must be registered with the Canadian National Institute for the Blind and sighted escorts presenting a C.N.I.B National Identity Card completed and signed by an authorized representative of the C.N.I.B. Reduced fares will be given to a special needs passenger unable to travel alone (regardless of age) and accompanied by an adult attendant if the disabled person has a Disability Travel Card from the Easter Seals/March of Dimes National Council or its designated affiliates. Both the traveler with a disability and the attendant must travel together the entire trip. The adult attendant must be able to assist the traveler with a disability while getting on/off the bus and also during the trip without asking for assistance. A valid Disability Travel Card issued by the Easter Seals/March of Dimes National Council or its designated affiliates must be presented. This card must be returned to the issuing officer and replaced with a new one if the eligible person changes his/her name or address.

Pet Policy

  • We cannot accommodate the carriage of pets as our compartments are not heated or ventilated far safe transport. Exception are Guide or Service animals accompanying an individual inside the coach.  Special needs passengers will be charged regular one-way or return fares. Guide or Service animals and accompanying guide will travel in conjunction with the fare to the special needs passenger at no extra charge. This special privilege permits special needs person and escort to travel together at the rate of a person travelling individually.

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